Webinar "Optimising acute inpatient care for people with dementia PART II"

  • by London Video Conferencing

Optimising acute inpatient care for people with dementia

With as many as 25% of beds in general hospitals occupied people with dementia….

How can we reduce the amount of time people with dementia spend in hospital?

Why do carers of people with dementia rate some hospitals better than others?

What approach to training staff produces works best?


On 11th June 2019 12:30-13:30 we will be hosting an interactive webinar on how the quality of acute inpatient care for people with dementia can be improved.

We will summarise the results of a national study based on data from all acute hospitals in England and there will be opportunities to post questions and comments on implications for services and practical steps that staff working in general hospitals can take to improve the quality of care that people with dementia receive.


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