Webinar "Tony Talks: OPBAS and the Professional Bodies; this is getting serious…Must Not get caught out!"

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The ICPA is hosting a free webinar for all accountants in practice where we will look at OPBAS and their criticism of the Anti-Money Laundering Supervisory Professional Bodies. 

The first report from OPBAS on our Professional Body Supervisors is far from complimentary. No matter what the response is from our supervisors, it’s likely that we will be subjected to increased and more intense scrutiny by our supervisors. We will highlight important aspects of the report and look at how it will impact our work and our systems. 

The ICPA Chairman, Tony Margaritelli will be joined by a special guest for this edition of Tony Talks.


Guest Speaker:

Richard Simms

Richard qualified as a Chartered Accountant before taking over the role of Managing Director for FA Simms & Partners in 1999. This role has allowed Richard to become an expert in Anti Money Laundering. In 1999 he passed his JIEB exams to become a fully Licenced Insolvency Practitioner. He has worked in accountancy and finance roles in London and around the country. .


The Tony Talks webinar series takes the form of a sit-down interview with the ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli and a leader in the accounting world. The guest speakers are experts in their field and will be asked burning questions relevant to accountants in practice ensuring the most important issues are covered.

For more information on the ICPA please visit: www.icpa.org.uk

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